Yoga and personal permaculture in Nisyros

permaculture flower-en4- 14 August 2017
Loutra, Nisyros

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Permaculture is yoga for the earth.
Yoga is permaculture for the body!

We welcome you to a wholistic wellness journey where we harmonise with our nature!

During these 10 days, we focus on designing our personal lives based on the principles of permaculture and yoga. At the same time, we have enough personal space to explore the unique island of Nisyros, to play, to relax, to bathe in the sea and the therapeutic waters of Loutra. It’s a chance for real holidays!

17820983_1921857524757925_437764873_nOur internal design, our unique body, heart, and mind, our needs and the unlimited potential we have for transformation will be our guides.

In our Yoga classes, we focus on aligning the body (Iyengar alignment), the joy of breathing, meditation and we research our personal yoga.

We realise the asanas on a deep level and with more awareness, not as something finished like a photograph, but as something that is reborn with us! With nature all around us we connect more easily with the elements, rooting strongly into the earth and freely opening our branches and seeds like a tree. We change in more conscious ways and the pranic body is free and revealed. For all levels and for all bodies, with great respect towards each student’s needs, an opportunity to accept and express the self. An opportunity to bring non violence (ahimsa) and fearless (abhaya) into our yoga practice. Where the body and mind meet is a celebration for the heart and the spirit.

Permaculture shows us how we can collaborate with nature in order to cocreate a better world. Essentially, we design wholistic systems with the guidance of design principles. This system can be our house (Zone 0), our property (Zones 1-4), our community…and ourselves (Zone 00).

Through theory, games, dance, personal and group activities, we explore how the permaculture design principles can be applied to ourselves, so that we can utilise our time doing what we love and what we really want everyday, as we care for the earth. Some of the topics we cover are:

Introduction – The philosophy, the ethics and the spectrum of permaculture
Design principles – how can the same principles be applied to land and the person
Needs analysis – what are our true needs?
Pattern recognition – what is serving us and what is holding us back?
Conversion of blocks to solutions – ‘the problem is the solution’
We define practical steps that can be applied immediately – this all sounds great, but what do I do when I return home?
Harmonisation with nature – how can we design our activities so that we are in harmony with nature’s cycles?
Co-creation – we wouldn’t want to be alone even in paradise! The creation of networks so that we can co-cover our needs is absolutely necessary.

We always remember that change can only come when we are internally calm. Only then we can clearly see that we start where we are, use what we have and do what we can. Only then can we see things differently!

We begin our days with Yoga classes in our home, Loutra, in front of the sea and in the evenings we continue with internal Permaculture on different parts of the island. In the meantime we have plenty of time to do what our hearts desire.

Loutra is known since the 19th century as a place to heal and relax. The volcanic therapeutic spring bath costs €5 and it’s helpful for skin and muscular diseases. It’s only 2 kilometres away from Mandraki which is the capital and the port of the island.

The unique energy of Nisyros and the circles of different people who have gathered over the years have been unforgettable experiences as well as a great chance to share the play of life simply and consciously.

Tina and Athina share mutual aims and love for the world of spirituality and ecology, a world which expands and brings more beauty into the network of Unity. We are not alone, together we cocreate a bright expression of Shakti, the energy which moves the world!


Cost of accommodation and lessons: €380 (does not include meals).

Deposit: €100 until the 10th of July 2017 in order to secure your space.

Accommodation: 2 or 3-person rooms. There is only one single room, which costs an extra €70 for the 10 days.


αθηνα χαμογελαστήAthina Baziotopoulou began her journey on the Yogic path in 1998 while she was performing as a contemporary dancer and also participating in Shiatsu workshops. The curiosity for ancient Yogis and certain psychosomatic issues led her back to her personal ability for therapy, an ability we all have and becomes more refined with yoga practice. Her TTC in Rishikesh, India with Karin O’Bannon was based on the Iyengar system. She has travelled in India and Thailand in order to deepen her knowledge on Tantra and Iyengar yoga, but mostly because she loves the surrealism in the land of sadhus and saints and she believes that travelling takes her out of her comfort zone. In Greece she has participated in Anusara, Jivamukti and Kundalini workshops and nowadays she is inspired by the teachings of Maty Ezraty and Angela Farmer. She has taught in Greece, India and Lebanon and has a degree in body expression but she doesn’t remember where she has put it. She believes in everyone’s unique and true expression and in the value of meditation through our bodies, just by following the “natural” flow and the light of our hearts. At the moment she feels like a Bhakti Yogini. She loves to sing bhajans and notices that nothing can be taken for granted since everything is shifting! NAMASTE.


Tina by E.FrantziTina Lymberis declares herself as a non-conformist in conventional society. Besides, Krishnamurti said it: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” She fertilises the field with her urine and poo, upcycles pretty much everything, processes food that she cultivates herself, she loves arts and crafts, sews, writes educational articles on her blog (in greek), she translated a huge permaculture book into greek for the people who have a burning desire to change their world, she facilitates permaculture workshops all around Greece and she secretly buries the organic waste in the pots of the urban people she visits. As she sets up a permaculture base with her lover in Korinthia, she starts most of her days with meditation and yoga and creates opportunities for dancing and drumming. Her nickname «Compostina» travels with her everywhere and if you find yourselves in a presentation for even one hour, you will feel an intoxicating call to follow your crazy dreams so that we can cocreate communities of abundance and so that we are all finally doing what we love!


Practical details and FAQ:
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Registration is necessary by the 30th of June:

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